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Qualifying accountants to have a better understanding of financial affairs.


After years of studying the art of managing money, accountants gain the kind of knowledge that many people are happy to pay for. Gaining accounting knowledge equips your employees with a wide range of knowledge beyond ledger management and financial reporting;
SAM qualifies your accountants in areas such as business law and taxation, corporate finance, spreadsheet analysis, banking, finance, management, and supervisory skills. These skills apply to any job profession, and this means that employers will benefit greatly from job candidates who possess these skills. Accounting skills can also be applied to other professions such as financial planners, fund managers, banking professionals, and more.

Track cash management

Financial accounts allow companies to purchase economic resources, goods, or services on an account from other companies. These purchases represent trade credit in the business environment. Companies use accounts payable and financial receivables to track this information. Accounts payable represent all money owed to other companies in exchange for resources purchased. Accounts receivable include all funds that have not been collected from consumer purchases.

SAM offers a good understanding of trade credit management as it is an important cash management process. It provides companies with financial accounts to determine how much money is currently in their bank accounts, how much money must be paid to vendors or suppliers, and how much money they need to collect from consumers.

Plan future expenditures


SAM is considering budgets that allow small businesses to plan future expenditures. These plans allow determining the necessary amount of sales needed to generate capital to finance the budget. It also enables business owners to adjust future expenditures based on past budgetary performance. Reviewing historical budgets helps business owners understand how and why they are spending money on their business. Budgets can also be used to secure external funding to expand operations.

Track Spending Variances

Small business owners often Track Spending Variances through the use of budgets. While most financial budgeting processes are completed on an annual basis, budget variances are usually tracked monthly.


SAM enables small businesses how to review their monthly spending variance and understand where money has been spent each month compared to the sales volume generated by the financial statements. Advice on budget variances is provided by business owners to thoroughly review the budget process to ensure that they have accurately anticipated any financial needs.

Performance Report Information

Firms often use performance reports in addition to budgets to provide small business owners or managers with additional information about budget variances. This additional information may relate to financial or non-financial matters that cause the budget to fall outside the permissible range.


SAM provides appropriate financial advice, as increases in resource cost or other additional costs may be common increases in the financial budget. Non-monetary increases may result from inferior resources needing replacement or more personnel needed to produce the goods.


Businesses may use computer software to track accounting or financial information related to the budget process. Many computer software packages also include a budget preparation module that allows companies to convert information electronically into a pre-defined budget format.

SAM provides specialized software that computerized budgets reduce company time and money spent during the development or budget planning phase. Companies may also be able to link these budgets to specific financial accounts and track the information in a real-time format.